VIRTUAL Assemblies

2020-2021 School Year

Spark Theatre Company is committed to the safety of our educators, students and our staff. As such, our in-person assembly program is on hold, but we are proud to offer online options this school year. This program is a community partnership between Lorain County Community College and Spark Theatre Company.


The Imaginators

by Dwayne Hartford

Available beginning November 9th, 2020

Running Time: Approx. 45 minutes

Recommended for grades K-5

The Imaginators is the story of three children and the power of imagination. Anne and Tim have just moved to a new town and struggle to make new friends. Through a new neighbor, the children discover their own strengths, the value of cooperation, and the unlimited power of their imaginations as they figure out how to defeat an imaginary monster! The play reminds children and adults alike never to lose their sense of play and creativity.

Themes: Inclusiveness, Creativity, Anti-Bully

ODOE Standards:

Language Arts: Integration of Knowledge, Comprehension and Collaboration, Vocabulary Acquisition and Use, Identifying Key Details of Drama such as characters, settings and scenes. Fine Arts: Drama/Theatre- Creating (CE), Producing/Performing (PR), Responding/Reflecting (RE) 

Posters & Flip Flops

by Jeremy Gaydosh

Available beginning April 19th, 2021

Running Time: Approx. 60 minutes

Recommended for grades 6-12

WORLD PREMIERE! Loosely based on Antigone, a straight A student challenges her school's dress code enforcement and puts her grades on the line to stand up for justice. 

What is included?

Passcode for Performance Video to be watched at your convenience

Live, Virtual Question & Answer Session with the Actors- scheduled via Zoom (or your preferred platform)

Study Guide corresponding to ODOE State Standards

How much is a virtual assembly?

Performance Video, Study Guide, Q&A: $100

Each additional Q&A session: $50

Limited subsidized FREE performances may be available for schools in need. Contact us for more info!

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