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AUDITIONS 2023-24 Season

Spark Theatre Company is seeking performers for its 2023-2024 touring show program. These productions occasionally have public performances but primarily travel throughout NE Ohio to schools as assemblies for approximately 15 performances. Actors do not need to be available EVERY day throughout the touring timeline, but should have general availability during school days and/or flexibility in their schedules. Actors receive a stipend starting at $500 based on role, and are reimbursed for travel to schools at the IRS rate of $0.62/mile.


Anansi and the Middle Passage

By Frank Higgins

Anansi, the celebrated spider from African folklore, tells the story of an African mother and daughter who are kidnapped and sold into slavery. With each story, Anansi springs to life along with the story characters for action-packed, light-hearted adventures.   When mother and daughter arrive in America as slaves, they carry with them the folk tales and wisdom of their homeland — stories that make their lives bearable and give them meaning.  This wonderfully theatrical children’s play offers a unique perspective, imbuing the dismal tale of the slave trade with the bright, spirited folklore of African culture.

Rehearsals Begin: Sept. 25th around actor availability

Touring Period: October 17th-November 10th, 2023



Shontay/Bush Deer/Hare- (female identifying, BIPOC actor, adult to play a child) seeking a versatile actor to play a young girl who is kidnapped into slavery, a young deer with a big heart, and a smart hare. 


Nyame/Lion/Turtle/Hippo- (male identifying, any type) This track requires an actor to play multiple roles including the African Sky God, and other characters throughout the story.


Mother/Wife/Vulture- (female identifying, BIPOC actor) seeking a versatile actor to play Shontay’s mother, who is kidnapped into slavery, a vulture, and other minor characters in the story.


Python/Elephant/Villager- (any gender, any type, not age specific) seeking a character actor to play multiple roles in this folktale.


Anansi the Spider- (CAST) this role has already been cast, but considerations can be made for understudies and/or replacements.



I Never Saw Another Butterfly

By Celeste Raspanti

Raja, a prisoner of Terezin concentration camp, teaches children when there is nothing to teach with, helps to give them hope when there is little reason for hope, and creates a little world of laughter, of flowers and butterflies behind the barbed wire. Based on the true stories of some of the 15,000 children who passed through the camp, this is a story of how butterflies became a symbol of defiance, making it possible for them to live on and play happily while waiting to be transported.

Rehearsals Begin: January 8th, 2024 around actor availability

Performances: February 5th-29th, 2024


Available Roles:

Raja- (female) a young jewish girl imprisoned in Terezin concentration camp during World War II.


Irena- (female) a teacher in Terezin, who is also a prisoner there. She aims to spread hope to her students through art and poetry.


Honza- (male) a young man imprisoned in Terezin concentration camp who develops a deep friendship with Raja before being transferred.


Student(s)- (any type) seeking an additional 1-2 actors to play other children imprisoned in Terezin. The dialogue for this is primarily monologues and poems written by various students and serves as context and narration, particularly between scenes.




by Erin E. Dolan

Fascinated by stars and planets, Ash loves to study the sky. One afternoon on a walk through the neighborhood, the sun disappears entirely! Follow their journey as Ash and some animal friends ask, “Who ate the sun?” This play is a World Premiere Production, written by Cleveland playwright, Erin E. Dolan especially for this spring's solar eclipse! This production will begin with a run at Lorain County Community College, and then also tour in May. Actors may participate in one or both legs of this production, but do not need to be available for both.

First LCCC Rehearsal: January 29th, 2024

Public LCCC Performances: March 21st-23rd

Touring Rehearsals: April 22nd, 2024 around actor availability

Touring Performances: May 6th-31st, 2024


Available Roles:

Ash- (any gender, any type) an inquisitive child who is curious about the Solar eclipse. Seeking a young adult, or teen to play a child.


Various Animals and Neighbors- this piece is currently being written, and will consist of roles for at least 4 actors of varying types. The show will likely contain more roles with the ability to expand or double. Actors are encouraged to submit their interest at any time even though exact roles are not available yet.



To Audition: If you have previously worked as a performer for Spark, email to express interest in which role(s) you are interested in. For actors who have not previously worked with us, please submit headshot, resume, which role(s) you would like to be considered for and any one of the following:

  1. Record the side(s) for which you would like to be considered located on this page. Sides do not need to be memorized, and a phone video is fine.

  2. A monologue of your choosing.

  3. Samples of previous work such as a reel.


Callbacks will be held as needed. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT FOR ANANSI & THE MIDDLE PASSAGE is 08/25/2023. Casting for the rest of the season will continue as needed throughout the fall. 

Spark Theatre Company and LCCC Theatre embrace diversity and inclusion and utilize a non-traditional casting policy. Non-Traditional Casting is a method designed to increase artistic options by expanding casting opportunities for women, actors of color, seniors, and actors with disabilities in roles where race, gender, age or the presence or absence of a disability are not germane. To that end, we encourage all actors to audition, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity or physical ability.


Other Production Positions Available:

Those interested in non-performing positions such as stage management are encouraged to email Rachael Endrizzi at to express their interest.


Please email any questions to


Teaching Artists

​Seeking qualified teaching artists for drama classes at various locations throughout the 2022-23 School year. Please email resume to Rachael at 


Spark is always looking to connect with designers, stage managers, and carpenters for its productions. To submit materials, please email Rachael at 

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