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AUDITIONS 2022-23 Season

Spark Theatre Company is seeking performers for its 2022-2023 touring show program. These productions usually have 1 public performance but primarily travel throughout NE Ohio to schools as assemblies for approximately 15 performances. Actors do not need to be available EVERY day throughout the touring timeline, but should have general availability during school days and/or flexibility in their schedules. Actors receive a stipend starting at $500 and are reimbursed for travel to schools at the IRS rate of $0.58/mile.

Miss Courageous: Women of Science

By Joanna Halpert Kraus

Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor in the United States with a medical degree, and Marie Curie, discoverer of radium, helped make possible today's scientific community where discovery knows no gender. This show invites students to share their obstacles and fight the prejudices against them before savoring their triumphs.

Rehearsals Begin: February 20, 2023

Performances: March 20th-April 14th, 2023


Available Roles:

Two actors have already been cast in this production, we are seeking 2 additional actors for the roles listed below. All actors play multiple roles throughout this storytelling piece.

Actor 3: (Female) to play multiple roles including a narrator, and sisters of Elizabeth Blackwell and Marie Curie.

Actor 4: (Female) to play multiple roles including a young Elizabeth Blackwell and a narrator.


For MISS COURAGEOUS, please submit headshot and resume, along with recorded monologue OR record one of the sides above and send to by January 27th.


When two strangers arrive in the city of Logos, they call attention to themselves by claiming to be able to make the most magnificent and magical clothing. Emperor Caecus cannot resist such a claim, especially when he finds out that the magic in the cloth means that those who are unfit for their position cannot see the garments made from the fabric. The ensuing silliness can only be sorted out by the most intelligent and sensible person in the empire, a child name Captiosus. This adaptation is written by Cleveland playwright, Erin E. Dolan! This show is a co-production with LCCC Theatre Department. Auditions will be held in person at a later date to include LCCC students, but actors interested in being involved are encouraged to submit their interest early. Casting may vary for public performances and the touring performances based on actor availability. 

First Rehearsal: March 6th

Public Performances: April 20th-22nd

Touring: May 1st-26th


Available Roles:

Narrator/Conciliario/Captiosus (any gender, any type) – The strong thread that holds our story together as the narrator, with distinct differences between the easily confused advisor, Conciliario, and very intelligent child, Captiosus. 


Emperor Caecus/Puppet Townspeople (any gender, any type) – Incredibly vain, silly and overly confident. It is hard for him to see the truth because he is surrounded by “yes men.” 


Barbarus/Accola/Puppet Townspeople (any gender, any type) – A stranger who is often in a strange land, who can use rhyme and reason to almost always get what is desired. Also plays Accola, the neighbor of Captiosus and Pater (or Mater). 


Peregrinus/Mater or Pater/Townspeople (any gender, any type) – Companion of Barbarus, who uses a great ability for pantomime to trick others into seeing what is not there. Also plays the Mater (Mother) or Pater (Father) of Captiosus. 

Actors interested in The Emperor's New Clothes are encouraged to email to express interest. In person auditions will be held in February for this production. Dates and times will be announced shortly.

Spark Theatre Company and LCCC Theatre embrace diversity and inclusion and utilize a non-traditional casting policy. Non-Traditional Casting is a method designed to increase artistic options by expanding casting opportunities for women, actors of color, seniors, and actors with disabilities in roles where race, gender, age or the presence or absence of a disability are not germane. To that end, we encourage all actors to audition, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity or physical ability.


Other Production Positions Available:

Those interested in non-performing positions such as stage management are encouraged to email Rachael Endrizzi at to express their interest.


Please email any questions to


Teaching Artists

​Seeking qualified teaching artists for drama classes at various locations throughout the 2022-23 School year. Please email resume to Rachael at 


Spark is always looking to connect with designers, stage managers, and carpenters for its productions. To submit materials, please email Rachael at 


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