Hansel & Gretel Logo.png

Hansel & Gretel

by Erin E. Dolan, adapted from the Brothers' Grimm

Directed by Rachael Endrizzi

Starring: Mike Frye, Lynna Metresin, Michala Peltz, Caroline Turner

PUBLIC PERFORMANCE: May 21, 2022 @ 1:00pm

Cirigliano Studio Theatre, Stocker Center

1005 N. Abbe Rd., Elyria, OH 44035

$9 Adults, $8 for Students and Seniors

Running Time: Approx. 55 minutes including talkback

Recommended for grades K-5


An all-new spin on Hansel & Gretel written by Cleveland playwright, Erin E. Dolan! The classic Grimm's fairy tale has been updated and now- Hansel & Gretel's parents are the ones who are lost.The clever Gretel and inventive Hansel use math and ingenuity to furiously rescue their mysteriously missing parents!

The show is approximately 45 minutes, with a question and answer session following. Show is suitable for all ages, but geared towards elementary school students the most.

SENSORY WARNING: The performance does use a small amount of water-based fog at 2 moments. 

Themes: Fairy Tales, Loyalty, Cleverness, Transformation, Mathematics, Teamwork, S.T.E.M.


ODOE Standards: 

Language Arts: Integration of Knowledge, Comprehension and Collaboration, Vocabulary Acquisition and Use, Identifying Key Details of Drama such as characters, settings and scenes. Fine Arts: Drama/Theatre- Creating (CE), Producing/Performing (PR), Responding/Reflecting (RE)