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"From the little spark may burst a Mighty Flame." -Dante



  • Public Performances- professional productions tailored to the busy schedules and tight budgets of families.

  • Field Trips- affordable options for teachers and home-school educators to bring their students to live theatre.

  • Touring Theatre- performances that travel to bring theatre to underserved schools and communities.


  • Classes- performing arts classes taught by professionals to train the next generation of performing artists.

  • Camps- inclusive summer camps for kids to grow, create and thrive in a safe, creative environment.

  • Children's Theatre- opportunities for children to create and perform in full-scale productions. 


Community Development

  • Serving Youth- ensuring every child can learn & grow regardless of socio-economic, learning, developmental or physical disadvantages. 

  • Creating Jobs- adding fulfilling opportunities for artists, educators and administrators to earn a living wage.

  • Uniting Residents- creating a place for families to connect while children thrive.

Cultural Growth

  • Literary Favorites- reimagining classic works for new audiences, with emphasis on female and minority protagonists.

  • New Works- empowering students to write their own stories alongside award-winning playwrights.

  • Redefining American TYA- working alongside organizations such as TYAUSA and ASSITEJ in creating world-class art for our youngest citizens.


Spark Theatre Company exists to celebrate the power of young people through professional theatre, entertain a multi-generational and diverse audience with courageous and inventive stories and empower a new generation of theatre goers--igniting the desire to create their own stories both onstage and off.

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