Keystone After-School Drama

WEDNESDAYS 3:25pm-4:25pm

Session 1: October 2nd-November 20th, 2019

Session 2: January 22nd-March 11th, 2020

Session 3: March 25th-May 13th, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: These classes are ONLY open to Keystone Elementary students at this time.

Spark offers performing arts classes to introduce children to the arts, foster creativity, nurture empathy and encourage growth in a variety of areas.

Questions? Contact Rachael at or call 440-707-6887.

What Students Do

Vocal Warm-Ups

Physical Warm-Ups

Drama Games



Learn New Vocabulary

Create Scenes

Visual Storytelling

Rehearse Scenes

Work Together


What Students Gain

Communication Skills

Self Awareness

Spatial Awareness

Collaborative Techniques

Creative Ownership



Voice & Speech Practice


Problem-Solving Skills

Expanded World View

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