"Find what lights a Spark in you, so that you in your own way can Light the World."  -Oprah

Through professional, live theatre, Spark elevates the potential of children by honoring both individuality and unity, encouraging self-empowerment and inspiring social change. 


Our assembly programs are professional performances for young audiences touring NE Ohio for schools and community centers. These touring Productions provide the same creative and courageous storytelling as traditional shows, but in a convenient traveling model to visit locations and populations where bus travel is too difficult or expensive. We bring everything to you! 

Each assembly includes:

  • 45-60 minute live performance

  • Question & Answer session with the actors

  • Study Guide with activities and information corresponding to Ohio Dept. of Education State Standards.

2018-2019 School Year

Oct. 28-Nov. 22, 2019

Grades 4-8

May 4th-29th

Grades PK-3

March 9-20, 2020

Grades 4-8


Spark offers performing arts classes to introduce children to the arts, foster creativity, nurture empathy and encourage growth in a variety of areas. We currently are only able to offer classes at partnered locations. If you would like to bring Spark classes to your school or organization, email us at SparkTheatre4Youth@gmail.com!  

What Students Do

Vocal Warm-Ups

Physical Warm-Ups

Drama Games



Learn New Vocabulary

Create Scenes

Visual Storytelling

Rehearse Scenes

Work Together


What Students Gain

Communication Skills

Self Awareness

Spatial Awareness

Collaborative Techniques

Creative Ownership



Voice & Speech Practice


Problem-Solving Skills

Expanded World View

Current Locations:

Keystone Elementary- Lagrange, OH

South Rec- Elyria, OH